ECC Team members have conducted several research and situational analysis on migration, education and health issues in several provinces of Laos.

Under a project of the Institute of Research for Development (IRD) in Laos entitled “Migration, Mobilities and HIV/STI Vulnerabilities. An Interdisciplinary and Community Based Participatory Research in Lao PDR”, they have documented some issues related to migration, mobility and infectious vulnerabilities in Laos. The overall objective was to provide knowledge both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective on how individual trajectories versus social changes and social processes and practices related to migration are linked to vulnerability and HIV/STI infection in Lao PDR.  This multidisciplinary community-based research program experimented various innovative forms of knowledge transfer. It involved the participation of stakeholders (donors, developers and practitioners), community actors and researchers at each step of its implementation: project and research protocol design, data production, results restitution and transfer of knowledge. Our research results related to health and migration issues have been presented in international conferences and papers for peer-review journals.


Livermore Peter, Hancart-Petitet Pascale and Souvanxay Phetchanpheng, 2018, Migrations: People and Knowledge on the move. The “Making-of” a collaborative Research Program in Lao PDR, IRD.